Homeland: Lights, Amplifiers, Effin Twitter

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Carrie seems the only player in the game not aware the mutually assured destruction theory.  Carrie is plagued by tunnel vision more than her bipolar disorder when it comes to intelligence operations. When all the options exist, Carrie sees herself as the only person capable. Her ideas the only one which will work. Until it does not, but she has another, this time riskier and cavalier with other’s lives. She also hates any questioning of her not completely thought out plan lacking any care for risk assessment.

Carrie is not the best option to even question herself, much less Dante. Carrie wants to try, and then she will try again. Sometimes you only get one shot. Dante got one shot to go off on Carrie. He finally exposed Carrie’s med protocol to Saul. Carrie showed all her cards against Dante while having Dante expose some she wished stayed hidden.

President Keane has mostly been afflicted by the news, not of her making, or so we thought. Keane understood mutually assured destruction. She also understood the usefulness of the enemy of her enemy. It was implied but seemed clear, the Russians were used to help murder the general.

Wellington did not say all the right things to the Russian Ambassador. To maintain relations, the Russians need to silence one of their own. He should not act surprised that the plan was ruined by lust, if not love.

It seems everyone has something they care about, except Carrie. She proved she really cares about no one. Not even the country if she cannot control the operation. Collateral damage is usually easy to spot around Carrie. It is whoever is in Carrie’s bed, or sadly, Quinn whose unspoken love had to have been even more torturous than that serin gas experiment.

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Carrie is willing to take close fire. All the other players would rather casualties occur further away from their post. It is why Keane will not take Wellington’s resignation and why the Ambassador is willing to sacrifice Simone. Soon Carrie will be distanced from everyone and will have to sacrifice herself. Her outlook is not good, but Homeland’s is better than ever.