Trust recap: ‘Lone Star’


Trust heads deep into the mysterious disappearance of John Paul Getty III.

While last week focused on getting acquainted with the lavish Getty family, this week took us a step further by introducing Paul Getty III’s mother, Gail Getty, played by Hilary Swank and the Getty head of security, Fletcher Chace, played by Brendan Fraser.

Chaos ensues this week when the two girls Getty III had been living with find a ransom note stating he has been kidnapped. Oddly enough, it does not specifically ask for anything and the whereabouts of Getty III become this week’s focus.

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At the epicenter of the episode is Fletcher Chace who is sent off to Rome to investigate further into Getty III’s disappearance. He begins flaunting the Getty money to get information from anyone willing to give it — while he struts down the streets of Rome in his cowboy boots and hat.

He also shares a direct monologue with the audience as he talks about his memories, history, and sets the stage for what Trust is really based on — exaggerated memories.

As Fletcher heads to Rome, Gail returns home to learn that Getty III has been kidnapped as journalists swarm her on the streets. Every family member seems to have a different reaction to the news of Getty III being kidnapped.

His father feels shame while his grandfather fears for his safety and starts securing the mansion. Since John Paul Jr. can’t go to Rome to help look for his son, Fletcher is sent in his place. Upon arriving in Rome, Fletcher finds out that Getty III hadn’t been living at home with his family, but rather with two girls.

He didn’t want to be restrained and adored his independence, according to Gail. Gail and Fletcher head to Getty III’s home and talk with the two girls, who seem rather suspicious and jumpy.

It appears Getty III’s disappearance may be more complicated than what is being presented and Fletcher is beginning to catch on. As he continues to investigate, he heads to a cafe that is filled with Getty III’s paintings. He settles into the cafe and drops open a suitcase full of cash in hopes the owner will have some information to give him.

Fletcher also bribes the bellhop back at the hotel in hopes that he will assist him along the way as well, and that he does when he informs him that he is to meet someone at 8 P.M. Looks like he’s finally getting somewhere, right? A group of men guide him through the streets of Rome and take him deep into a tunnel where he learns the harsh truth. Absolutely no one knows where Getty III is.

All the while, Gail and Getty III’s siblings are celebrating the idea that Fletcher is in the process of retrieving Getty III. Of course, Fletcher breaks the news to them and states that today is not the day he will be coming home.

However, the investigation takes an interesting turn because it leads Fletcher to the bartender that Getty III was trying to hit on in last week’s episode. At the same time, Fletcher finds a diary of some sorts that illustrates Getty III’s ideas for a movie and a ticket for a movie he recently watched. After watching the movie for himself, Fletcher begins to make sense of what is going on.

Based on the movie and the situation at hand, he feels that Getty III may have staged this all for attention and money. Not to mention, according to the timeline of the ransom note, the encounter with the bartender happened after he was allegedly kidnapped.

This leads Fletcher to believe the kidnapping never really happened so he shares this news with Gail (who is in complete denial) and heads back to the Getty mansion.

After learning of the possible scheme his grandson may be playing, John Paul holds a press conference where he quickly and simply states that he will not be paying any money to anyone — in hopes that his grandson understands that he is not giving into whatever game he may be playing.

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Gail is not convinced that Getty III would do such a thing and comes across someone on the street who poses as a living statue. He claims to have seen Getty III the night he was kidnapped, and states that he saw someone place a hood over his head and whisk him away. The episode ends with a haunting moment of Getty III tied up in a hole somewhere — crying.

Fx’s Trust will return Sunday, April 8, at 10 P.M. EST!