6 can’t miss Netflix originals hitting in April 2018

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3. Dope, Season 2 (April 20)

Dope was a shocking addition to the slate of Netflix original series in 2017 and the second season came a short time later, hitting in April 2018. Dope is a documentary series that delves deeply into the realm of the illegal drug trade in America.

As a matter of fact, this isn’t just about the police chasing after the drug dealers — it is about everyone involved. Dope goes inside the drug trade, with a look at the dealers, users and the police who fight the never-ending battle to bring it to the ground.

Dickon Le Merchant (Drugs Inc) directed this Netflix original documentary, with four episodes in the first season. The episodes dealt with cocaine in Oakland, heroin in Baltimore, marijuana in Mexico and the fourth dealing with the drug trade and its effect on gun sales.

While Netflix has not released any information about what the second season will entail, they do have it listed as debuting on April 20, 2018, so watch out for Dope to drop on that date.