6 can’t miss Netflix originals hitting in April 2018

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4. Chef’s Table: Pastry (April 13)

Chef’s Table has won Emmy’s and is one of the top critically acclaimed Netflix original series, with four delicious seasons under its belt. The next season is titled Chef’s Table: Pastry, so we know exactly what to expect and what this season will make us very hungry for.

Chef’s Table is an original Netflix documentary series, where each episode takes the viewers into the kitchen with a world-renowned chef. The idea behind the series is a follow-up to the documentary film Jiro Dreams of Sushi, and that director — David Gelb — is the man behind this series.

The first three seasons had six episodes. There was then a spin-off called Chef’s Table: France that had four episodes and now Chef’s Table: Pastry is coming with four more chefs — the first profiled being Christina Tosi of Milk Bar in New York City.

Following Tosi will be Will Goldfarb (Bali), Jordi Rocs (Spain) and Corrado Assenza (Sicily).

Chef’s Table has picked up six Prime Time Emmy nominations and there are hopes that Chef’s Table: Pastry will keep up the critically acclaimed work.

Chef’s Table: Pastry hits Netflix on April 13, 2018.