6 can’t miss Netflix originals hitting in April 2018

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6. Money Heist, Part 2 (April 6)

Yet another foreign Netflix original series, Money Heist is ready to air its second season on April 6 on the streaming giant. The first season of Money Heist was all about a heist planned by El Profesor who, in the same format as Ocean’s Eleven, brings in an eight-person team all with their own special skills.

Unlike Ocean’s Eleven, where most of the team were on friendly terms, the team here had nothing to lose and danger was always on the mind of the viewer. The goal was breaking into the Royal Mint of Spain but the plan also had ulterior motives that became apparent over the first season.

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Unlike other series, this is considered a “Part 2” instead of a second season, as the first season of the series was split up and released in two parts. The original Spanish series had 15 episodes, but Netflix took the first nine and split them up into 13 episodes.

Part 2 will finally finish off the first season of Money Heist, assumedly breaking the final six episodes into shorter ones as well. The series hits Netflix on April 6, 2018.