American Gods replacing Gillian Anderson: 5 Perfect actresses to take her place

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American Gods is going through some major changes for its second season, and it isn’t just about losing Bryan Fuller as the showrunner.

Of course, the biggest change comes with the departure of Bryan Fuller, who was completely responsible for the look of the show. Anyone who watched Pushing Daisies or Hannibal knows that Fuller has a distinct style and he really let it fly on American Gods.

However, the rumors have it that he was at odds creatively with Neil Gaiman — and it is Gaiman’s story. The budget was also growing, and with Starz nowhere near the level of a network like AMC or HBO, those higher budgets were not going to work.

Sadly, it also means the loss of Gillian Anderson, who played Media. With Anderson saying she was finished with X-Files after the recent season, she has now also said she is finished with American Gods. Her name is added to that of Kristin Chenoweth, who said she was leaving right after Fuller left the series (they worked together on Pushing Daisies).

According to TV Line, the part of Media will not only be recast but re-imagined. This is a nice move because replacing someone like Anderson is impossible. Instead, the character of Media that Anderson portrayed (TV and pop culture) will be replaced by Media that represents social media.

Not only that, but the series is looking for a 20-something Asian-woman to portray the role. With that in mind, here are five actresses that could fit the role of Media perfectly in American Gods season 2.