American Gods replacing Gillian Anderson: 5 Perfect actresses to take her place

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Anna Akana

When it comes to Anna Akana, this is a choice that features a talented young woman — but also one that would be a meta choice, something American Gods has actually paid attention to with previous casting choices.

See, the role of Media in American Gods is all about moving away from the TV and pop culture media and focusing on the new world of social media. Anna Akana is a star because of new-world social media.

Akana became famous thanks to her YouTube channel — which now has over two million subscribers and over 200 million views. She decided to create the YouTube channel after her sister’s suicide and wanted to perform comedy after gaining inspiration from watching Margaret Cho.

After building her YouTube channel of original comedy — Akana started her career by making short films and documentaries — she gained popularity and got some opportunities outside of social media. She appeared on the TV series Awkward in 2011.

After that, she even got a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Ant-Man, her biggest opportunity to date. In 2017, she picked up a recurring role on Stitchers and this year she has a recurring role on Corporate.

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With her history in show business in mind, there might not be a more meta choice to star as Media on American Gods than Anna Akana — a young Asian woman who became popular due solely to social media.