10 Marvel heroes who deserve their own TV series

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6. Next Avengers 

Avengers: Infinity War arrives this month and many fans are worried their favorite hero is going to bite the dust. The Next Avengers animated movie was a tentative hit but was ultimately left as a standalone film. Yet, the universe has plenty left to explore.

Set in an apocalyptic wasteland, all of the Avengers have died (with the exception of Tony Stark) and left their children as orphans. Tony trains them in a safe haven but is plagued by the fact that he left Hawkeye’s and Mockingbird’s son behind.

Yet the rest of the kids are thriving as young heroes desperate to venture into the outside world.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done since Ultron has taken control of the world. It seems feasible that Marvel would be able to convince James Spader to return as the voice of the villain.

It would also allow a new generation of Avengers to star on television, especially because the show doesn’t need to have appearances by the movie stars. All of the teens feel like accurate combinations of their parents rather than just rehashes of the same thing.

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5. Spider-Woman 

Spider-Woman might be tricky to star in her own television series if the rumors are true about Jessica Drew appearing in the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel. However, until the introduction is confirmed, fans can dream of the hero jumping to the small screen.

People who have never read her comics tend to think she’s just a female version of Peter Parker. However, Spider-Woman has long been her own hero deserving of the spotlight.

She got her powers against her will, and they left her with no memories in a world she didn’t recognize. It’s always fascinating to watch a person relearn their life, and would make for compelling television.

However, in recent years what’s set Jessica apart is her status as a mother. She doesn’t use her son as a reason not to go out and fight but is actually inspired by him. Yes, she worries about handling a double life and leaving her baby alone.

At the end of the day though, she wants him to grow up with the same drive for justice as she has. It’s something every parent can relate to and would be something completely different for Marvel to introduce in the MCU.