A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Complete Season 2 Recap

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The Carnivorous Carnival: Part One

The episode begins with a flashback to a party at the original VFD headquarters — with glimpses of Uncle Monty and company. While the purpose of VFD is still unclear, it is a pleasant throwback to all the characters that have been lost along the way. A cryptic moment between Lemony and Jacques reveals that Olaf knows something, yes, even Olaf was once a part of the VFD.

Tucked away in the back of Count Olaf’s trunk, the Baudelaires headed off to the next chapter of their unfortunate adventures–the creepy Caligari Carnival. Present there is a woman known as Madame Lulu along with a group of “freaks”, who are thrust to the side when Olaf takes over as the carnival’s ringleader.

Three members are added to the carnival, shockingly unbeknownst to Olaf, in the form of Violet and Klaus (who are pretending to be a two-headed person), and Sunny who is playing half baby, half wolf. They plan to hide in plain sight so as to keep an eye out on Count Olaf and get to the bottom of the VFD mystery surrounding their parents.

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The kids soon learn that Madame Lulu is someone they know, well at least the person taking Lulu’s place temporarily–the librarian from Prufrock Prep, Olivia! She was last seen with Jacques during the “Ersatz Elevator” episodes and explains where she had been all this time. The Baudelaires find more hidden secrets pertaining to VFD and their parents and learn the headquarters are located in the mountain range nearby.

They watch clips from the party at the headquarters as well as clips from Lemony’s childhood. The revelations continue when they stumble across a wardrobe with disguises filled to the brim, just like Count Olaf’s. And the best revelation comes when they learn what their parents’ VFD truly stands for — Volunteer Fire Department.

Things aren’t looking too optimistic but with Olivia back in the picture, can we hope that the Baudelaires will get some version of a happy ending this season? Read the season two finale recap to find out!