A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Complete Season 2 Recap

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The Austere Academy: Part Two

With Count Olaf back in the mix, things are back to square one in the fight against him. Not only has he fooled Nero and the rest of the school into believing he is a coach, but he has managed to fool the device that doesn’t recognize him as Count Olaf. Of course, in typical A Series of Unfortunate Events fashion, no one believes the Baudelaire children when they try to reveal his identity.

Luckily, the Quagmires’ presence gives the orphans some hope in their otherwise gloomy, horrible life.

The second episode introduces a new character in the form of Lemony Snicket’s brother, Jacques Snicket, played by Nathan Fillion. Jacques seems to be an integral part of the organization that the Baudelaires and Quagmires are trying to learn more about throughout the episode.

As Count Olaf takes over the school, he forces the Baudelaires to run laps for hours on end while still forcing them to attend Nero’s relentless violin recitals. In a scheme to take them away from the school, he places them in a competition where they have to pass the exam, in order to finish up their trimester at Prufrock.

If they fail, they will be forced to leave and be homeschooled, which all is part of Count Olaf’s plan. In order to study throughout the night, the Baudelaires and Quagmires dress up Isadora and Duncan as Violet and Klaus and make a flour baby to take the place of Sunny as they run laps around the track.

Meanwhile, Violet and Klaus begin a night of pointlessly studying mundane facts about Nero and the other teachers.

Count Olaf soon realizes that he has been tricked and sets out to take down the orphans once and for all. However, Violet and Klaus pass the exam with flying colors — and finally, manage to convince everyone who Coach Genghis really is. Count Olaf makes his escape, as usual, but manages to grab Isadora and Duncan along with them.

As they whizz away from the school, Isadora and Duncan try to tell Violet and Klaus that everything is connected because they finally found and read some of The Incomplete History of Secret Organizations. VFD…VFD. What could it all mean? Read on to find out!