A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Complete Season 2 Recap

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The Ersatz Elevator: Part Two

After discovering the functions within the spyglass, Violet uses it has a heat source to carry them up in a bootleg hot air balloon. There are some difficulties in the trek to the top, which they are making in order to rescue the Quagmires.

When the spyglass gets too hot, Violet comes up with a solution on-the-spot to ensure that they don’t come crashing down in the shaft. All the while, Olaf doesn’t seem too concerned in locating where the children have gone.

Finally making it out of the shaft, the orphans come across Esme. They quickly learn that she is on Count Olaf’s side and knows about his true identity–and is his girlfriend and former acting student. She pushes them down the shaft as they fall into a net at the bottom.

The plan at play here is Count Olaf is going to auction off an item and put the Quagmires inside. In an attempt to save their friends, the Baudelaires try to win the auction, with the help of Mr. Poe, who is in charge of their parent’s fortune. Unbeknownst to them, Count Olaf has hidden Isadora and Duncan elsewhere and has finally come out on top.

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The Quagmires are hidden in another statue, leaving the Baudelaires with yet another mission to find them. And while Jerome offers to remain their guardian, he refuses to help them find their friends, so they part ways.

Earlier in the episode, the Baudelaires discover the elevator shaft has a tunnel that leads to their old home. Could the connection between the Squalors’ and Baudelaire’s home have something to do with the fire? Maybe, just maybe.

With no guardian for their care, Mr. Poe decides to take them to a village called VFD. Could this be the VFD they have been looking for? And will they find Duncan and Isadora here? We sure hope so!

And for those may have missed it, Jacques Snicket has the same tattoo of an eye on his ankle. What exactly is at play here? Let’s continue reading to find out!