A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Complete Season 2 Recap

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The Vile Village: Part Two

Jacques is dead. Count Olaf lives. And the Baudelaire orphans are still dead-set on finding the Quagmires. However, things have taken a dire turn because they are being framed and accused of killing Jacques. Oddly enough, Sunny is being targeted due to her sharp teeth. With Esme still playing the role of chief of police and Count Olaf playing detective Dupin, they lock up the orphans in the “deluxe cell”.

Thanks to Violet’s quick thinking, the kids break out of their cell by breaking it down, while Count Olaf is completely distracted by Mr. Poe’s wife taking his pictures for the newspaper. They manage to deduce (thanks to the crows delivering Isadora’s hand-written couplets) that the Quagmires are being kept inside of the statue in the fountain. How the kids didn’t suffocate to death is beyond us, but let’s roll with it.

Once the Quagmires are rescued, the kids try to reach Hector so they can fly off with him in his self-sustaining hot air balloon. However, they are too late because Hector has already begun to take flight. All the while, the entire town is out for the Baudelaires’ blood and want to burn them, yes, burn them as a punishment for killing Jacques–which of course they didn’t.

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Realizing that Jacques is dead, Jacquelyn and Larry head to VFD to try and rescue the orphans. To try and catch up with Hector, the kids speed off in a fire truck. However, the Quagmires are the only ones to make it up the ladder and onto the flying mobile home before the town shows up in anger alongside Count Olaf and Esme.

Once again the friends are separated, but the Baudelaires find comfort in knowing the Quagmires are safe at last. Before they flew away with Hector, Isadora and Duncan try to hand over all the information they have regarding VFD and their parents to the Baudelaires. Thanks to Esme, however, a lot of it is destroyed, leaving behind some scraps for the orphans to try and make sense of.

As Violet, Klaus, and Sunny head off into the sunset, it begs the question. Where exactly are they headed to? And is the relentless cycle of staying with new guardians finally over? Read on to find out!