A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Complete Season 2 Recap

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The Hostile Hospital: Part Two

With Violet kidnapped by Esme, Klaus and Sunny had to channel their inner Count Olaf and take on the disguise of a foreign doctor for the second half of the hospital story. The “Volunteers Fighting Disease” troupe makes an obnoxious comeback as they parade the halls of Heimlich “spreading cheer”.

To try and locate Violet, Klaus dresses up as a doctor and tries to get his hands on the patient list VFD is in possession of. While doing so, he runs into Count Olaf. While they both obviously recognize one another, Sunny cleverly steals the patient list from Olaf as they make their getaway.

Based on notes from the Quagmires’, Klaus and Sunny decipher the patient names using anagrams to find Violet. However, they learn that Violet is being taken into surgery to do a “cranioectomy” — aka removing a person’s head. In a twisted turn of events, the surgery is assigned to Klaus er Dr. Faustus, who must essentially remove his sister’s head. Clever, Count Olaf.

Klaus tries to keep one step ahead of Count Olaf by delaying the surgery in any way he can imagine. Realizing the hospital prides itself on paperwork, he states that they never filled any out for the surgery. In the audience, Mr. Poe is seen sitting alongside Hal, who is less than pleased about the Baudelaires after they stole his keys and the hall of records lay in a mess.

The kids manage to escape as soon as Violet wakes up from her sleepy anesthetic slumber. Sunny hands her a tie made out of a hospital bracelet, so she can come up with a plan for them to leave the hospital. However, behind them, Heimlich Hospital comes down to a burning crisp and they are left with only one option–get into Olaf’s trunk and hide out. This is getting interesting, isn’t it? Let’s keep reading!