Jordan Peele to produce Amazon docu-series Lorena


Jordan Peele will be producing a four-part docu-series about Lorena Bobbitt for Amazon reports Deadline.

Lorena will tell the story of Lorena Bobbitt, a Virginia woman who cut off her husband’s penis in his sleep and then later threw it out the window of her car as she fled. The story and subsequent trial made headlines in 1993 and became the precursor of the modern-day sensationalist 24-hour-news channels.

What is often overlooked or underplayed due to the media furor and late night style jokes made about the case is the serious nature of domestic violence and sexual assault.

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The docu-series is said to be a fresh take on the case, about the lost “opportunity for a national discussion on domestic and sexual assault in America.” This kind of social examination makes Peele a natural choice to help produce the series, who has an eye for smart social critique and engaging intellectual investigation.

Peele says he hopes the series will give Lorena a chance to tell her story, “as well as engage in a critical conversation about gender dynamics, abuse, and her demand for justice.”

The docu-series comes at a perfect time when issues of sexism, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and rape culture are being seriously reexamined and standards for male behavior toward women is being reevaluated.

Giving a voice to a victimized woman who never had a chance to make her story heard is a tremendously important step in reevaluating that point in history and how we can move forward in a more constructive manner when faced with similar situations.

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Peele, who won best original screenplay for Get Out at this year’s Academy Awards, is also known for his work with Keegan-Michael Key on MadTV, Key and Peele, and their film Keanu.

Lorena is will be directed and co-produced by documentary filmmaker Joshua Rofé.