Vida Trailer: Coming soon to Starz!


Vida is one of the new shows coming to Starz at the beginning of May.

The new series is a hot slice of life look into the lives of 2 sisters who move back to the old neighborhood after the death of their mother.

When Emma and Lyn return for their mother’s funeral, they find out how little they really knew their mom. Their mother had a wife and a whole colorful life that they could never have conceived of, and the sisters struggle to come to terms with these new discoveries.

Melissa Barerra and Mishel Prada star as Lyn and Emma in this drama, that will tackle a lot of family issues while learning a lot about each other and themselves.

Vida has LGBT elements and a window into what it’s like as a Mexican-American in the suburbs of LA, but shouldn’t be pigeon held into any one genre, which tends to happen with shows that aren’t circled around straight and white lives.

Vida deserves a chance at a wide audience.

This show has a ton of potential and tackles one of the biggest problems I feel we face, reconciling the idea we have of those we love against who they really are — and coming to accept them.

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It’s easy to love an idea, it’s a lot harder to love the truth, but until we do we never really know each other, and is that really love? I know I would rather a life that’s richer and less superficial.

Vida will hit your Starz queue on May 6, be sure to add it to your must-watch list!