Silicon Valley gets renewed for season six at HBO


Pied Piper is here to stay! Silicon Valley gets renewed by HBO for a sixth season!

Within two weeks of premiering its fifth season, HBO has announced Silicon Valley will return for another season. What does this mean as the series currently traverses a world without the infamous Erlich Bachmann? It means that HBO has enough confidence to know the show will continue to bring the laughs, humor, and comedy like never before.

The season six renewal is great news considering the controversy going into the current fifth season. When T.J. Miller abruptly exited the show, there was a lot of controversy surrounding why he left and what the cause was. It also left fans wondering how the series would continue without his undeniable hilarious presence.

For those who have watched the first three episodes of the current series, you’ll know that the show continues to shine as it always has. In fact, it has upped the ante and made the remaining characters even funnier than we’ve seen them before. The Executive Vice President of HBO, Amy Gravitt, spoke about the Silicon Valley renewal earlier today, alongside the news that their comedy series Barry is also being renewed for a season two.

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Silicon Valley is a collaboration between Mike Judge and Alec Berg and is an Emmy-winning and Golden Globe-nominated comedy series. The fifth season premiere aired on March 25 and will consist of eight episodes this season. As fans of the show know, the series follows the life of Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs who deal with the turbulence of this world that they are not equipped to handle.

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