The Americans season 6, episode 3 recap: Urban Transport Planning


The Americans deals with the aftermath of a mission gone wrong as Philip’s travel agency begins to struggle

Last week on The Americans ended on a horrifying note after Elizabeth had a run-in with Rennhull which ended with his brains all over her. Unfortunately, Paige witnessed the aftermath and is left struggling to make sense of the world she is now a part of. She tries to find solace from Elizabeth who shuts her down and scolds her for leaving her position. Philip attempts to break the tension but miserably fails when Elizabeth won’t have any of it.

Although Paige tries to stay home, Elizabeth kicks her out and sends her back to her apartment. At some point, Elizabeth tries to comfort Paige and says the entire thing just went south. But she is willing to go to any lengths to save her country–even if it means dying.

After all the hoopla of the park disaster, Paige and Elizabeth meet with Claudia and cook up a traditional Russian meal. On the other end, we learn that Philip’s travel agency is struggling after many long-time customers have stopped using his business. He even requests an extension to pay Henry’s tuition–times are really tough for the Jennings family, huh?

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Luckily for Philip, Elizabeth brings home some of the meal they cooked at Claudia’s, and it feels like momentarily things feel normal between the two. Elizabeth tells him briefly about her current mission without divulging too much information. She doesn’t want Russia to become more Americanized and is angry at the inevitable transition the world is heading towards.

Elizabeth meets with a man who works in quality control, specifically with the radiation sensors we have heard so much about. She meets with him under the guise of an auditor but when she learns that his girlfriend works in security, she chokes him to death. Meanwhile, Philip meets with Oleg again to go over more information he has regarding Elizabeth.

Stan spends most of the episode dealing with Gennadi and Sofia. Since Sofia has a new boyfriend she confides in, Stan takes them off the mission. He also meets with Oleg to find out why he has come to DC–urban transport planning. In an unexpected turn of events, Oleg brings up Nina. Remember Nina? He asks Stan if he ever thinks about because he confesses he sees visions of her.

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Elizabeth meets with the priest who officiated her and Philip’s marriage. He talks to her about their marriage and realizes there is now a huge rift between them and asks to meet Philip next time. Interesting, very interesting.

And we can’t discuss this week without mentioning Stan’s girlfriend, Renee. She remains as shady as ever and the mystery behind who she really is remains a puzzle. Renee tries to connect with Stan and says that they should work together because they would have more to talk about. But Stan isn’t about that–and well, she’s too old.

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