Fear The Walking Dead: What we want to see in season four


Fear The Walking Dead is back and with it the highly anticipated crossover!

Who else is excited for Fear The Walking Dead to finally return?! Season 4 doesn’t just look to explain the events of season three’s finale, but brings it with many, many highly anticipated moments that fans have been dying to see. So let’s dive into them!

Fear the Walking Dead season 4 will bring back old faces that we have grown to love and adore. However, a group of new survivors will play a big part in the new season.

There are two things worth celebrating here because not only will we get new characters but The Walking Dead’s Morgan, played by Lennie James, will crossover into the world of Fear The Walking Dead.

Along with the new characters, season four of Fear The Walking Dead will take us to new places, new settings, and new environments, unlike the seasons that preceded it. The juxtaposition of the new characters and settings against the world we already know is sure to be a treat for fans!

After the season three finale, fans were left wondering the fate of the rest of the group. We know Madison is alive and well, but whether or not everyone made it still remains a mystery.

We are looking forward to seeing where the story picks up for the new season as a whole, and what characters survived the dam flooding.

With Lennie James making the crossover into this world, we can expect to see some sort of time jump that will connect his arc from The Walking Dead into Fear The Walking Dead.

While this is not confirmed, we can anticipate that is the case — and we are super excited! Fans are so curious to see what leads Morgan away from the group he’s been with and into the world of the Clarks.

A new season also means new enemies. We can’t wait to see the conflict and adversaries of season four of Fear The Walking Dead and what new challenges the group will have to face. All we know is that it can’t be worse than ranch and Troy — right?

What we are most excited and intrigued about for Fear the Walking Dead season 4 is the shift from Mexico to Texas. Based on the look of the new characters and promos released, we are heading straight into the heart of Texas!

It will be a great transformation for the feel of the story and give it a much more different vibe than the previous three seasons.

Last but not least, the most exciting thing about season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead will be seeing the new and old characters come together. We are sure it will be dramatic and action-packed as worlds collide and things get kicked up a notch in the new season.

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Well, the wait is over and the day is finally here — we are ready, season four! Fear The Walking Dead premieres season four on AMC on Sunday, April 15 at 10/9c!