6 Amazon original series you need to binge right now

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There are so many shows and streaming services out there, it can be difficult to know which shows are worthy of your time and dedication.

Amazon Prime has a wide array of original programming, everything from legal thrillers to family dramas to superhero parodies to gender studies and beyond. So, how do you choose the best most bingeable show without spending ages sorting through the possibilities?

Thankfully, the internet is like your own personal researcher for just such time-consuming questions, and right here you have your answer. The following six shows are the best, most diverse, and most bingeable shows that Amazon Prime currently has to offer.


The Tick

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The Tick is a cult classic comedic superhero created by Ben Edlund in 1986 as a newsletter mascot for his Boston area comic book store. He is super strong and super enthusiastic about fighting crime, but super clueless and kind of weird.

He wears a blue suit topped with expressive antennae and shouts “Spoon!” to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies. He is the epitome of the big, dumb, strong superhero type. As the character grew in popularity he got first his own comic book, then his own cartoon, then his own live-action television show starring Patrick Warburton.

This last series premiered in 2001 and ran for only nine episodes. It is an extraordinarily funny show and Warburton’s Tick truly embodies the epic, righteous, and delusional hero.

It’s a hard act to follow, but Amazon’s The Tick with Peter Serafinowicz in the lead not only succeeds in creating a pitch-perfect reboot but effectively increases the camp factor another level. The 12-episode first season is available to watch now, and at a mere 30-minutes an episode, it is one of the most bingeable shows Amazon has to offer.