6 Amazon original series you need to binge right now

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The Man in the High Castle

There was a lot of buzz surrounding The Man in the High Castle when it first premiered in 2015 on Amazon Prime Video. Anticipation followed anticipation as praise came back for the pilot episode and the wait for episode two began — which was released a full 10 months later.

This adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s alternate history novel of the same name is set in a future in which the Nazis ostensibly won World War II, but in which there might be a deeper, more menacing truth buried under layers of conspiracy.

The Man in the High Castle has it all — compelling characters, high stakes, an intriguing conspiracy, and an imaginative look at a horrific alternate future in which fascism rules. It’s tense, exciting, smart, stylish, and timely.

There’s almost no way you can stop watching once you learn the secret history of the world. And if you start watching now you’ll be caught up for season three when it’s released later this year.



While Goliath could probably run on Billy Bob Thornton’s charisma alone, that’s not the only thing this legal thriller has going for it. Created by David E. Kelley, who created some of the most influential legal dramas of the last 30 years — including Ally McBeal and Boston Legal — Goliath follows washed-up attorney Billy McBride as he stumbles upon a high profile legal conspiracy involving his former law firm.

The main criteria that makes a show qualify as bingeable is if I literally cannot stop watching. I had zero intention of watching Goliath beyond the first few minutes and yet I found myself unable to stop.

While the show itself is sufficiently intriguing, a big factor in its initial watchability is Thornton’s, Billy McBride. Thornton is literally compelling. A character in the first episode calls him a “weird a**hole,” which is probably the most apt description of his character possible.

Thornton allows his natural neuroticism to play through, bringing a simple charm to his character’s quirks and phobias — or the fact that he still gets anxious watching Hoosiers after having seen it 300 times.

Season two of Goliath is released later this year, so its the perfect time to catch up.