The Chalet series recap and review (Netflix)

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On Chalet, a group of friends gathers at a picturesque chalet in an isolated French village with a dark history.

When menacing events and diabolical traps put everyone in danger, the friends must scramble to discover the truth before its too late.

The Chalet, Episode 1

The episode opens with a man claiming his innocence for some mysterious criminal events that took place at a chalet in an isolated French village called Valmoline.

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Sometime earlier, Manu and his pregnant fiancée Adèle arrive in Valmoline, while unbeknownst to them there is a man tied up in the woods under the bridge they cross into the village. Manu grew up in Valmoline and they’re back in town for his friend Laurent’s wedding. When they arrive they are greeted by Laurent’s father Phillipe, his sister Muriel, and family friend Paul. Paul later gets lured by a menacing teddy bear and gets killed. Gaspard is the man tied up under the bridge.

Twenty years earlier, a family of four arrives at the chalet. Françoise grew up in the village. She takes her children Julien and Amélie to meet her misanthropic cousin Alexandre, who lives as a hermit and warns them to leave the village. Jean-Louis, the husband, goes into town and meets Muriel, who runs the bar, and the initially antagonistic Etienne, Paul, and Gaspard.

Adèle is secretly disturbed as she hallucinates blood seeping out of the floorboards.  Manu and Adèle go to meet the rest of the wedding party at the train station, which includes Manu’s best friend Alice, and Sébastien, the man giving the statement at the beginning of the episode. Sébastien is a jerk who has been obsessed with Alice since childhood.

As they drive across the bridge back into the village, a huge rock falls from the cliffs above and smashes the bridge behind them, cutting them off from the outside world.

Who is killing the villagers and does it have something to do with what happened 20 years ago? What’s up with Adèle? Was the rockfall intentional or just some kind of freak accident?