The Chalet series recap and review (Netflix)

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The Chalet, Episode 2

Gaspard — beneath the bridge — was crushed in the rockfall. Not only are they trapped in the village, but there’s no cell reception, landline, internet, or any way to contact help. Everyone’s just happy to be alive though, so they drink wine and have a nice dinner. They plan to hike to the relay station tomorrow.

A shadowy figure sneaks into Tiphaine’s (the bride) room with a portable wi-fi device and texts her mom that the wedding has been postponed and not to come. Another — or the same — shadowy figure sets a wolf trap during the night. Adèle continues to hear weird sounds, have nightmares, and even decides to hide inside a cupboard.

The next day a group goes to the relay station. Laurent steps into the trap and goes into shock. The relay has been sabotaged and is unfixable, so there is still no way to contact help.

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20 years earlier, Alice and Julien, who have become sweethearts, are ambushed by Sébastien and his gang (Laurent and Thierry). They tie Alice to a tree and strip Julien and tie him to stakes on the ground. Jean-Louis confronts Etienne (Sébastien’s dad) about his son’s bullying. He confides in Muriel and Julien later catches them smooching in the ally. They talk about running away together. Muriel gives Jean-Louis her lottery ticket. Julien, Alice, and Manu set a clever and dangerous trap for Sébastien at their treehouse. The creepy bear that lured Paul to his death belonged to Amélie.

Unsurprisingly, Sébastien was accused of sexual harassment in 2007. His accuser mysteriously disappeared, which brings further suspicion down on him. He still says he didn’t do anything, and in the case of Valmoline he probably didn’t.

He’s a jerk, but he’s the obvious fall guy for what looks like some kind of murder plot. Will Laurent survive his wounds? Will they be able to call for help? What the heck is up with Adèle? What are the villagers hiding?