The Chalet series recap and review (Netflix)

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The Chalet, Episode 3

Everyone is pretty much agreed that someone is messing with them, but they don’t know who or why. Sébastien and Alice go to see Alexandre and find newspaper clippings of the Rodiers’ disappearance in his house. Alexandre warns them to leave before there are more deaths.

Erika, Thierry’s wife, goes to town and is killed. Thierry rappels down the bridge to find help, but instead finds Erika’s body and gets killed himself. Laurent dies from his wounds. They move the body to the walk-in freezer and Manu, Olivier, and Phillipe get trapped inside.

20 years earlier, the Rodiers go missing. Alice has had some kind of head injury but she can’t remember the details. Phillipe calls the police to investigate and learns that Françoise’s mother has reported the family missing.

A search ensues and they find Amélie’s teddy bear and one of her shoes by the lake, which was planted by someone to make it look like they drowned. Before the Rodiers’ disappearance, it turns out that Jean-Louis broke up with Muriel, which could be a possible motive for killing the family.

A pattern is developing for the killings. Phillipe has a moment of resignation after being trapped in the freezer with his dead son. He seems to suspect something about the murders, some dark secret in his past that he deserves punishment for.