The Chalet series recap and review (Netflix)

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The Chalet, Episode 4

20 years earlier, Phillipe, Etienne, Christine, and Muriel invade the chalet while Sébastien keeps the watch outside and Gaspard guards the road. Muriel searches Jean-Louis office and Phillipe and Etienne hold Françoise and Jean-Louis at gunpoint. Is Muriel trying to steal Jean-Louis’ book he’s written about her?

Later, the police come asking Alexandre questions about the Rodiers. Julien and Amélie are hiding in his attic. Florence blackmails Phillipe, telling him to fire Christine or else she’ll talk about what he did to the Rodiers.

Adele coincidentally saves the boys from the freezer. A screw was jamming the lock, which doesn’t look like an accident. Tiphaine reveals she is pregnant. Olivier plans to leave for help in secret.

Phillipe goes storming off with a shotgun to ask Alexandre who killed his son. Alexandre confirms that it is merely the consequences of Phillipe’s actions.

Someone sneaks up behind Phillipe and knocks him out. When he wakes up, he has Thierry and Erika’s wedding rings in his hand, implying to him that they are both dead.

Olivier and Phillipe rappel down the bridge for help but gets shot as Manu watches. Someone lures Tiphaine outside by posing as Erika, intending to shoot her down, but Alexandre stops them, saying that she never did anything to hurt them. With Alice hiding out at her father’s house in the village, Sébastien sneaks in and corners her while she’s in the shower.

Alexandre obviously knows more than he’s saying, a quiet witness to whoever is killing the villagers. I have a hunch that its the Rodier kids back for revenge, and that Adèle is actually Amélie.

That would explain her strange hallucinations and nightmares. Will Alice escape Sébastien? Do the villagers kill the Rodiers? What do they want anyway?