The Chalet series recap and review (Netflix)

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The Chalet, Episode 5

The villagers kill the Rodiers for the winning lottery ticket that Muriel gave Jean-Louis. When Muriel sees the manuscript titled with her name she has second thoughts, tries to stop it, but its all too late.

They kill the parents, but the kids escape in the meantime. They hide in the same cupboard that Adele hides in later and run to Alexandre for help. They probably faked their death by the lake to evade the villagers.

Alice runs to the chalet after hearing Julien’s whistle and sees the Rodier’s bodies. Sébastien catches her, but she knocks herself out when she trips running away. She forgets everything because of her head injury.

Now Sébastien says he’s leaving Maud for Alice, which Maud knows is crazy. Sébastien raped Alice and now thinks that they’re together. Sébastien thinks that every woman starts by saying no and that you have to force them to say yes.

Etienne kills Christine when she decides to confess to the Rodier’s murder to avoid being killed herself. In her last words, she realizes that the killers are the Rodier kids. Sébastien sees the blood later and asks his dad at gunpoint if he’s the killer.

Adèle finds out about Muriel and Jean-Louis’s affair and that she loved him, which shakes her up a little. Tiphaine commits suicide by taking sleeping pills and lying down next to Laurent in the freezer.

Its pretty obvious at this point that Adèle is really Amélie, but where is Julien? He must be someone that we’ve already met, but who? And is Adèle even really pregnant? What about Manu? Who will survive the final episode?