The Chalet series recap and review (Netflix)

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The Chalet, Episode 6

20 years earlier, Christine gets a call from the National Lottery about a winning ticket sold from the bar. They determine that its Muriel’s and that its worth 70 million francs. Unfortunately, she gave it to Jean-Louis.

While she meets with him at the lake, the others hatch a plan to steal back the ticket. Lean-Louis is intentionally hurtful to Muriel and now she’s out for revenge. After the murder, Alexandre sends Julien and Amélie to live with a good family. Julien swears he’ll be back to get revenge. Christine and Phillipe kill Florence to keep her quiet about the murders.

Now Muriel gives herself up and is killed by the lake. Etienne tells Sébastien that Christine was killed by the Rodier kids. They decide that Maud and Fabio must be the siblings in disguise. Sébastien abducts Fabio and they interrogate and kill him.

Adèle tells Manu the truth — she’s actually Amélie Rodier and she’s not pregnant. She holds him at gunpoint while she escapes the chalet. Alice arrives just afterwards looking for the lost Fabio. Manu tells her everything that happened and they go together to find Fabio. Amélie lures Sébastien out of his shed and Julien knocks him out — Olivier faked his death and was Julien the whole time.

Etienne captures Maud and brings her back into town, but she’s rescued when Etienne is gunned down in the street by Amélie and Julien. They frame Sébastien for all the murders, knowing the circumstantial evidence and his unstable personality will sell it as long as they can talk the others into the plot. Manu is just a downright good guy and is hard to sell, but everyone agrees in the end.

Amélie and Julien escape together and Sébastien will probably be committed to an institution after the results of his psych-eval.