Glow season 2 trailer!


Ahhhh yeah! Glow fans, are you ready to get your groove on?

The trailer has dropped for season 2 of Glow and we are stoked!

If this promo is any indication of what is to come when Glow season 2 hits this June, we are in for hilarity.

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As an 80’s kid, season one was an awesome walk down memory lane, filled with dark humor, action and glitz!

By the finale, The Girls of Glow had me on my feet rooting for my favorites and booing (in true wrestling fan fashion) the villains of the mat.

Over the top characters are what it’s all about, and the first season was all about the formation of Glow and the girls finding not just their characters, but who they really are.

Wrangling these gorgeous wrestlers is Sam Sylvia, played by the acerbically witty Marc Maron, who you love and hate at the same time through the whole series.

Show star Alison Brie, who plays Ruth Wilder, may have taken center stage, but really all the girls are stars in their own right. My whole household has their favorites, but my favorite is Sheila the She-Wolf, played by Gayle Rankin, who isn’t just playing a wolf girl, she IS the wolf girl.

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Whether you are in it for the fight or just to see girls in tights, Glow is a great time and a welcome distraction in an era where we all want to escape to what seemed like a simpler time. Or at least to an arena where the baddies and the heroes are easy to tell apart.