The Order coming to Netflix!


Horror fans rejoice! The Order, a werewolf drama, is the newest in the line up of supernatural content Netflix has announced coming to your queue!

The Order’s creators are Ghost Wars executive producer and writer, Dennis Heaton and Shelley Ericksen, who was creative consultant on Republic of Doyle and Cold Squad.

According to Cinema Blend, Jake Manley (iZombie) will star as a college student drafted into his campus’ secret society. Of course, this isn’t your everyday, binge drinking, rush hazing frat house.

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It’s a door into a world fraught with supernatural peril and, of course, werewolves.

Alongside Manley will be Power Rangers actress, Sarah Grey, playing the lead love interest and True Blood’s own, Sam Trammell.

Whether Trammell will reprise his role as a sexy shapeshifter is yet to be seen, but True Blood fans can hold out hope. (Can’t we?)

Matt Frewer, who was Dr. Aldous Leekie on Orphan Black, will also join the cast; presumably as a professor (he just has that scholarly sort of face), along with Max Martini, an action flick veteran.

The show so far sounds like it will fit the mold of shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Magicians and The Vampire Diaries as a coming of age story set to the tune of intrigue, dark deeds and fitting in among the strange and unusual, instead of the typical and mundane college life.

Why just be among the elite, when you can be among the supernatural elite?

I don’t know about you, but I love me some supernatural angst!

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