Hero Report: Black Lightning finishes its freshman run with a strong finale

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Lucifer – “The Angel of San Bernardino” 

“The Angel of San Bernardino” works as a showcase for Tom Ellis and it’s fantastic. For the most part, this season has been relatively consistent despite being bogged down by the Pierce storyline.

He’s still the weakest character on the show, but it’s easy to overlook that just to see Lucifer become enamored by Bones.

Over the past three seasons, Lucifer has undergone some amazing character growth. That doesn’t mean he’s immune to being emotional and stubborn. He makes it his mission to stay awake after learning he might be saving people in his sleep.

The whole sequence involves a lot of drugs, some cleaning, and binge watching that makes for great entertainment. Pierce’s and Chloe’s relationship is progressing at a fast pace even though she doesn’t want to tell her daughter yet.

The two eventually decide to tell Trixie, but it still seems extremely fast since they have only been together a month. Things are right on track for Pierce though, since Ella is positive Chloe will say “I love you,” soon enough, this freeing him from his brand.

Since this is Lucifer, it’s doubtful his plan will go off without a hitch and hopefully Maze is the one to stop him.

Hero Report Grade: A