Hero Report: Black Lightning finishes its freshman run with a strong finale

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Photo Credit: The CW

Black Lightning – “Shadow of Death: The Book of War” 

Do many superhero shows have uplifting finales? Usually, there’s a death, or at least some kind of loss to motivate the heroes to keep fighting. However, Black Lightning ignores the status quo to deliver a heartwarming hour.

The series has easily been the best DC Comics show the CW has offered and hopefully the creators maintain the quality of storytelling next year.

“Shadow of Death: The Book of War” picks up right where last week left off. The Pierce family are hiding out in a covert cabin but Jefferson still isn’t waking up. His “coma” gives viewers a look at his childhood including his whistleblowing father in some gorgeous black and white sequences.

When he finally does get up, his powers are completely drained and the clock is ticking. There’s never any doubt that Jefferson will eventually get them back, but it allows the audience to see he’s a hero with or without them.

Luckily, Jennifer embraces her new abilities to recharge her father right as the ASA storms the cabin. It leads to one of the best fights of the season, and the family finally able to get rid of the evil government operative once and for all.

Hero Report Grade: A