Hero Report: Black Lightning finishes its freshman run with a strong finale

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The Flash – “Lose Yourself” 

It’s the moment The Flash fans have all been expecting but it still doesn’t make “Lose Yourself,” any less annoying. Ralph was officially killed and taken by DeVoe after Barry encouraged him to let the superhero live.

Hartley Sawyer has actually been a welcome addition to the series and like Patty Spivot, he’s gone too soon. Like Arrow, the show feels like it’s stumbling towards an unsatisfying conclusion.

The Elongated Man is pretty big DC Comics name and his relationship with Sue is one of the healthier marriages from the source material. If the series was always planning to kill off Ralph, couldn’t they have just created a new meta rather than let his actual story play out onscreen?

From the moment he was announced fans were hoping to see some version of Sue also appear, and now it looks like that won’t happen. Also, The Flash loves to play fast-and-loose with Barry’s powers because realistically the speedster should be able to move quickly enough to stop DeVoe from doing his thing.

Even Supergirl comes up with better reasons to have Kara fail in a fight than this show has with some of Barry’s losses.

Hero Report Grade: B-