Hero Report: Black Lightning finishes its freshman run with a strong finale

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Gotham – “A Dark Knight: To Our Deaths and Beyond”

The biggest problem with “To Our Deaths and Beyond,” is how many subplots the show has to juggle. Everyone has a different favorite character and the show has difficulty maintaining all of their storylines.

Both the Barbara and Lee plot have been hit or miss all season which makes one wonder what exactly is Gotham‘s endgame?

Lee’s walk on the dark side has essentially turned her into a villain (albeit one with semi-noble intentions) and Barbara’s storyline was fine on paper but has slowly become a bit dull.

What everyone can agree on is that Bruce Wayne is the best part of the series. Going into these final episodes of the season, every new hour feels like he creeps closer to being Batman.

At this point, it would be refreshing to see him officially take up the mantle and let Jim Gordon become a secondary hero.

Gotham has really become a cautionary tale to dating the police captain because all of his ex-girlfriends have gone crazy (with the exception of Valerie Vale).

Hero Report Grade: B-