Hero Report: Black Lightning finishes its freshman run with a strong finale

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Arrow – “The Dragon”

Richard Dragon is such a compelling comic book antagonist, and Arrow feels like it’s going out of its way to destroy the character.

“The Dragon,” is a minor improvement but the gangster is still lukewarm at best. Arrow has already been renewed, so hopefully, fans can just forget this season has ever happened like seasons three and four.

The show has written itself into a corner with the awful new team. Thankfully, Marc Guggenheim as stepped aside for next year because his comments about fan bias were ridiculous.

He’s lost touch with his fans if he truly believes the new team is in the “right” but people are angry because of loyalty to the original cast. Felicity apologizing to Curtis this week, and his smug attitude just serves as a reminder about how ridiculous this division is in the first place.

The simple fact is the NTA was wrong, and continuously pretending the opposite only makes things worse.

Hero Report Grade: C