Conspiring And Kids in Caves: ‘Lost in Space’s The Robinsons Were here’


The robot is a key aspect of “Lost in Space,” and episode 4 delves deeper into its relationship with the Robinsons.  Also, Dr. Smith’s up to her usual tricks.

The Awful Truth Comes Out

As Judy Robinson (Taylor Russell) helps Angela Goddard (Sibongile Mlambo) recover from her crash-related issues, Angela informs her of how the Resolute crashed. It’s not pleasant news.

As ongoing viewers already know, their mother ship was attacked by at least one robot — and, from all appearances, that robot is also their new pet. In other words, their very reason for being “Lost in Space” is right in their midst, bonding with the young Will Robinson (Maxwell Jenkins).

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It’s an interesting situation, and it seems like a delicate matter. How they deal with this might make or break not only the Robinsons but the other colonists as well. The robot has proved not only helpful, but fully capable of saving lives.

Indeed, the Robinsons likely wouldn’t have survived were it not for Spot (or whatever pet name they might eventually go with).

The Good News, More Bad News and Residual Eel Effects

The good news? Aside from the Robinsons themselves, there are about 60 human survivors of the Resolute disaster who safely landed (and who safely made it through that pesky wormhole). The bad news? All of these folks had the same problem as the Robinsons: Those dang eels were consuming their ship’s fuel, too! Bah!

One wonders where the Jupiter ship eels all came from, though. Obviously, not all of the survivors were in the same exact location as the Robinsons. Can the eels navigate land? Did they result from some larvae on all the different ships? In any case, they are frustrating. What good is a ship if it can’t fly? Oh, those eels. Those pesky eels!

Want more bad news? They have found the Resolute’s satellite, and — surprise, surprise! — it’s not working order. While the ships can be used for possible shelter, what good is a dead satellite? Shade? Maybe they could sell the Resolute for spare parts, but who would buy it? In any case, I think we’ve all had days where everything’s going wrong. These survivors will all have to count their blessings, no doubt about it.

Nearing The Cave and the Message Received

When Judy tells Will about the Resolute robot attack, she is shocked and dismayed to learn that Will already knew somehow. Meanwhile, when the kids all head to a nearby cave, none are aware that the villainous “Dr. Smith” (Parker Posey) is following them.

On top of that, another crash survivor, Vijay (Ajay Friese) spots them with their robot, immediately recognizing it as a threat, based on what he’d seen on the ship. Penny (Mina Sundwall), however, blackmails the young man by keeping an envelope he had dropped — thus raising suspicions of what could possibly be in said envelope (and thus thickening the plot again).

Also, it should be mentioned that the robot helps them yet again, helping them cross a gap by felling a tree. In addition to showcasing its strength, the improvised bridge also demonstrates some killer problem-solving skills, and the robots intention of helping whenever it can.

A Semi-Touching Moment, and Signs of Trouble

Parker Posey as “Dr. Smith” (real name, June Harris). (Lost in Space, Netflix, 2018)

While discussing ancient cave paintings, the young Robinsons decide to mark this cave wall. With some natural paint, Penny writes “The Robinsons were here” and adds her hand print below. Liking the idea, the others follow suit.

Later, and in private, the robot also dips his hand into the paint, adding his print to the wall. It is both a touching and disconcerting moment for Judy, who witnesses it while the others sleep.

Obviously, the robot wants to belong, to be the same, and to be forgiven. It seems to know exactly what it did, and like a puppy dog saddened by the slipper it just chewed up, its emotional intelligence is on display. At one point, Judy even slips up and calls it a “He,” even though she previously insisted on calling it an “It.”

Picking up on this conflict, Dr. Smith finds the robot after the kids leave it in the cave, and tries to exploit its apparent feelings for Will.

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In so many words, she tells the robot that other humans (like Will) will let it down, abandon it, leave it in a cave. She, on the other hand, sells herself as a truly loyal person, and as someone who will stand by her bot.

Where do you stand? Did you like this episode? Feel free to let us know in the comments!