The Avengers: 14 TV-movie crossovers that Marvel needs to make happen

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Photo Credit: Marvel

Avengers: Infinity War comes out this Friday but unfortunately no members of the Marvel Television shows will be appearing.

It’s unlikely the two major divisions will ever have a true crossover despite the MCU remaining interconnected. However, it’s still fun to imagine how the Avengers could appear on the different television series.

Captain America – Luke Cage 

There are a lot of ways Captain America could appear in any of the Marvel Television shows. However, it would be fun to see him interact with Luke Cage on his series.

For starters, Steve Rogers is from New York City so it would make sense to see him interact with some of the Defenders. However, in the first Avengers film, Nick Fury walks in as Cap destroys a punching bag he had been practicing on.

Luke’s skin is impenetrable, and the two would make for good sparring partners. It might even be fun to see the two have a relationship similar to the one that Luke and Danny has in the comics — especially since Iron Fist hasn’t been the biggest hit with fans.

Although, it would be a cute scene to have Captain America appear on Jessica Jones to replace the missing shield on Vito’s action figure.