The Avengers: 14 TV-movie crossovers that Marvel needs to make happen

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Iron Man – Iron Fist

Just playing the odds here, but Tony Stark and Danny Rand would probably meet at some point. Even though Pepper runs Stark Enterprises, Tony is still the billionaire tech genius who owns a giant company.

Danny is also the wealthy owner of his own business, albeit one that doesn’t seem as successful.

Whether it’s at an event they’re both forced to attend, or just in passing at a restaurant it seems likely they could meet.

Photo Credit: Marvel

Thor – Legion

Having Thor cross over into the television shows is a bit tricky because he’s the God of Thunder. He’s almost too powerful to appear on any of the Netflix series and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. already had a visit from Sif.

However, Legion could be the perfect fit for the Asgardian considering how weird it can get. Thor: Ragnarok was a reminder about how colorful the original comics were and quite similar to the FX series.

Since David always thinks he’s losing his mind, he could see a vision or dream with Thor in it. Of all the Avengers, Thor makes the most sense for Legion just because it wouldn’t require the character to stick around for an elongated arc like the others.