The Avengers: 14 TV-movie crossovers that Marvel needs to make happen

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Scarlet Witch – The Gifted

Technically Wanda isn’t a mutant (yet), but every X-Men fan out there wants to see her meet Polaris. Marvel hasn’t said if they plan to retcon Scarlet Witch’s origins in the MCU or figure out a way to incorporate her mutant heritage.

In the comics, she is one of Magneto’s children alongside her twin brother. It’s always a joy to see dysfunctional sibling relationships on screen and Wanda would definitely have one with her estranged sister.

Lorna is not only extremely powerful, but she’s often considered the only “true” daughter of Magneto because she inherited his powers. It would be amazing to see Wanda come flying in and have the two sisters fight it out before eventually becoming friends.

Photo Credit: Marvel

Black Panther – Daredevil

Having T’Challa show up in Daredevil would be a cameo already predicted in the comics. Black Panther takes up the superhero mantle in Hell’s Kitchen for a bit, a surprising departure from his typical technological support.

Matt is currently “dead” and when he comes back he might suffer the loss of a long-time friend in Karen Page. Black Panther might need to step in if Matt ends up giving into his dark side following her death.

However, out of all the Avengers, T’Challa is the only one with his face completely covered. As long as Netflix could borrow the Black Panther suit, they would only require Chadwick Boseman to add a voice over while a stuntman does all of the sequences.