6 must-watch Netflix originals coming in May

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As we leave April behind and a new month fast approaches, there is a whole new slate of original releases to choose from at Netflix.

May will see the return of old favorites alongside intriguing new series, anything from charming comedy to post-apocalyptic thrillers to popular science. Here is the best of what’s coming to Netflix in May.

Dear White People, Season 2 – May 4

Dear White People is based on the 2014 film written and directed by Justin Simien about a group of black students struggling with social injustice at a predominantly white Ivy League school. Its also a brilliant satirical comedy which expertly highlights issues of racism, inequality, and diversity.

Season one premiered in 2017 to hilarious controversy when some white viewers claimed the trailer was racist to white people. A small contingent of alt-right supporters encouraged a boycott of Netflix. As a result, the trailer became the most viewed date announcement for a new series Netflix had ever had.

Simien’s response to the detractors was eloquent and unapologetic. “I reject any notion of ‘causing a divide’ simply by stating that one exists,” said Simien. “Which is my role as artist. To state what is.”

And the controversial material hasn’t stopped the series from receiving critical praise. The film gets 91% on RottenTomatoes while the series gets an incredible 100%.

“I have a feeling there will be a lot of secret views on Netflix from these people,” said Simien about the trolls.

Much of season two will center around how Samantha White battles her own online trolls and deals with racial unrest on campus.