6 must-watch Netflix originals coming in May

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Safe, Season 1 – May 10 

Safe is a mystery thriller about Tom (Michael C. Hall), a recently widowed surgeon who moves to a gated community to raise his two teenaged daughters. In the wake of some family secrets regarding the mother’s death, Tom’s daughter Jenny goes missing under mysterious circumstances.

Now Tom must investigate the secretive members of the community and uncover the truth about Jenny’s disappearance before its too late. This series marks the first starring role Michael C. Hall has taken since Dexter ended in 2013.

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Safe is set in the UK and sees Hall putting on an English accent as he buddies up with co-star Marc Warren to track down Jenny.

The trailer teases a show that looks tense and exciting, but I could imagine that it might have a slow burn kind of lead up to some high stakes kind of situations. Hall’s Tom seems cool, reserved and determined in the face of his daughter’s disappearance, but probably only up to a point.

The plot puts one in mind of movies like Taken or Ransom or Frantic. They all feature determined husbands/fathers who eventually crack under the emotional pressure of the situation. We might be treated to a couple good Michael C. Hall freakouts.