Dope season 2 recap and review (Netflix)

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Instead of limiting the scope to individual operations, this season of Dope exposes the problems on both sides of the game, and the implied consequences are there begging for a deeper look. In this macro look at several aspects of the drug trade and the enforcement efforts to stop it, there is more to the story in Dope that is not told then they actually cover.

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The first episode brings us the drug testers and the woman pimp, who are all in the wake of El Animal’s tide of drug distribution. Between the first episodes boat chases and the third episodes jet ski crossing at the Canadian border, perhaps we need more coast guard documentaries? The second episode seemed to be grasping at straws and missing the point.

In episode two, the preacher does not want to cope with life. He does not understand the difference between dope and dopamine. Dope season 2 barely scratches the surface, as it seems it did not want to confront the real issues lying right past their line of reporting.

The Preacher seems to want to wish the problem away, while Dope seems to ignore major issues, even on the individual level. As it was when the cops raid a hotel room, Dope seems to take on no actual investigating beyond sitting outside a hotel and breaking up a party hoping to find drugs.

The cops are tracking down drugs like addicts hooked to the high, and they are in many police departments. Going after drugs one small bag at a time will never actually take any substantial amount of drugs off the street.