The Handmaid’s Tale season 2, episode 3 recap: Baggage


The Handmaid’s Tale continues to highlight June’s journey towards escape–as we meet her mother.

June is no longer in Gilead–and while her conditions may have greatly improved, the future looks as bleak as ever. When the episode begins, June is still at the Boston Globe headquarters and making the best of her situation. Some months have passed since she first got there and she spends idle time working out and thinking about her mother.

We learn that June’s mother was an activist and a flashback shows young June alongside her at a rally. But while it may seem like a happy memory, the episode reveals just how different the mother and daughter were from one another. A bit of a flash forward shows Holly (Cherry Jones) discouraging June from her job and marrying Luke.

This disapproval and resentment continue to haunt June today as she is attempting to forge her own path to freedom. And while she is lost in her thoughts, the next phase of her escape is suddenly upon her. She is picked up and dropped off somewhere else–while she waits to be picked up again.

The next man, Omar, shows up to take her to an airfield, but after receiving a phone call, attempts to leave June behind. Upon begging him to take her with, he lets her into the car–but what was the deal with that?

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We finally see what Moira is up to in this week’s episode–who we last left in Canada, living in Little America. Afte arriving there, she started devoting her time to helping those that escaped and made it to Canada. She and Luke are living together along with another woman, and are attempting to live their newfound life the best way they can.

Omar takes June to his house where he lives with his wife and daughter and leaves June behind as he and his family head off to church. June is left behind for hours before realizing that she is truly on her own and has to forge forward–with or without her daughter.

June adorns Omar’s wife clothes and daringly heads outside in public amongst the crowds. She follows the map Omar gave her and is successful with boarding the train and getting off at the final stop. Through a series of haunting flashbacks of her mother and daughter, she finds her way to the airfield.

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She finds the pilot that is supposed to fly her to freedom alongside another man who is also trying to escape. And while she is moments away from freedom, she finally let’s go of Hannah, the daughter she couldn’t take along with her.

And just as the plane begins to move, we hear gunshots ringing out–and our hearts fall to the ground as we realize she isn’t getting away. The pilot is shot dead and the man with her dragged out of the plane along with her. Is she headed back to Gilead or the Colonies? Hopefully, we’ll find out soon!

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