Killing Eve recap: ‘I Have A Thing About Bathrooms’


“I Have A Thing About Bathrooms,” highlights the growing relationship between Eve and Villanelle for an exciting hour.

Killing Eve has become so captivating, the audience is growing each week. “I Have A Thing About Bathrooms” presents an excellent argument as to why people should tune into the show. It’s an episode wrought with tension even though barely anything happens. There’s something to be admired about a show that can be so enthralling just by putting two characters in a room together.

The episode picks up with Villanelle still trying to gun down the car while Frank cowers for his life. Eve quickly begins to drive away but she can’t allow herself to leave without speaking with her would-be assassin first. It’s fascinating to watch how quickly Eve reacts when Villanelle pretends to kill herself, as well as the latter’s glee at the reaction. Confident she can take Frank out at another time, the assassin flees leaving Eve extremely confused.

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Frank doesn’t come across any more likable than in his previous appearances in “I Have A Thing About Bathrooms”. He’s clearly a coward who is only interested in protecting himself. Throughout the episode, he doesn’t even ask about his kids or getting them to safety. Carolyn manages to coax some information out of him, such as how he was approached to be a mole and the information he gave up.

It doesn’t take Villanelle long to show up at Eve’s house considering she already knew the address. Their chase scene is terrifying even though Eve isn’t in any real danger. Despite Villanelle’s promises of not wanting to hurt the MI6 agent, the same can’t be said about anyone else. Ultimately, the two end up having dinner where they exchange veiled threats.

It’s easily one of the most captivating scenes of the series, seeing these two women face off. When Villanelle breaks down in “I Have A Thing About Bathrooms,” it’s clear right away that she’s lying. Maybe it’s Eve’s ability to truly understand her that makes Villanelle so charmed. Nevertheless, Eve promises to kill everyone she cares about (is there anyone?) while Villanelle casually walks out the door.

Running to Carolyn’s house, Eve tells her they need to get to Frank right away. Killing Eve reveals the awkward Kenny is actually Carolyn’s son, which is a bit shocking. Why would she knowingly put her son in danger? Not to mention, how old is Kenny? The look of guilt on his face at the dinner table made him appear like a teenager rather than a man.

The two agents rush to the safe house trying to get to Frank but it’s already too late. “I Have A Thing About Bathrooms,” shows Villanelle’s casual murder of the man. She doesn’t care how much he pleads for his life because she’s heard the same thing so many times. In fact, she even suggests Frank’s kids will be able to bond over his murder. However, it’s still disturbing to see Frank’s dead body in Eve’s dress and to find out Villanelle castrated him.

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“I Have A Thing About Bathrooms,” ends with Konstantin ordering Villanelle to Russia to finish off her ex-girlfriend. Turns out, the woman she ran over actually survived, and has fled to safety. It’s the first time Villanelle actually looks fearful, and it’s all because of a possible encounter with “Anna”. Hopefully, next week will reveal a little more backstory about the character now that we know of her grisly prison record.