Lazy with Labels in Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas

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Wyatt attacks the guy for saying it is crazy to ascribe to the community what one loud individual is saying. However, he gives a large portion of the show to a man born in Skid Row. It does not take long for the old George Carlin observation to come to the forefront. Housing, having an actual home, and the lack of, that is the problem.

Being born and raised in Skid Row, dealing with police harassment was a way of life. In 2013, the residents of the tent communities got a recognized Bill of Rights through the city legal apparatus. Having your own space gives a person a space to unwind. Police harassment only serves to further a persons’ negative life influence. Life is hard enough without the basic needs being met. Having one’s dignity taken with every police roust makes life unbearable. Don’t believe it? Walk down Skid Row.

On Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas the community knows where the divide is when it comes to community interest. Cross the main street and look at the changes in street furniture and the cleanliness around the trash cans. It is a dirty divide in our society, and where the money is spent says it all. And taxpaying voters are constantly requesting more police.

Of course, businesses don’t want homeless camps at their doors. Communities have individuals that want to help the less fortunate. The rest of the community is fine with that, just so long as those less fortunate are helped in a place called Not Here.

With the gentrification bringing money, it is pushing more long-time residents to either move away or become homeless. Tale of the have’s and the have not’s was always the case. Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas shows ignorance is bliss has always been the motto of scared rich people not wanting to see the problem. And if they do see something that makes them uncomfortable, they call the police and their representatives.

The obligatory elected official takes this opportunity to fall on ‘his constituents’ when more cops and no solution is the reality but when its other interest paying for lobbyist elected officials continue to show they do what gets then paid and elected.

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Elected officials see a value to people. The dollar and voting value. People who do not have much money or care to vote for a candidate should still have value to elected officials. Instead of doing their job of coming up with solutions they throw more cops into a complex cycle to wear several hats. This leads to many more problem areas for Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas to shine a light on.