Down to the wire: What bubble shows will get last minute renewals?

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It’s coming down to the wire for a lot of bubble shows waiting to hear any kind of renewal news.

The end of May brings the network upfronts when many bubble shows will finally learn of their fate. This is the final breakdown for all of the series still in limbo while fans mount campaigns to see their favorites return for one more year.


Agents of SHIELD 

This Marvel show is the one series ABC isn’t able to kill. Yes, looking at the day-to-day ratings for SHIELD there shouldn’t be a lot of confidence over a renewal. Shockingly, this is one of the bubble shows where ratings don’t really matter. Marvel will want to keep their flagship show running for at least one more season so it can end alongside Avengers 4. With strong DVR viewership and one of the most loyal fan bases, the chances of a renewal are high.

Renewal Chances: 8/10

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Alex Inc. 

With Zach Braff as a lead, Alex Inc. was expected to be a big hit for the network. Unfortunately, lukewarm critical reception and low ratings have likely sealed this comedy’s fate. It’s a shame because the show finally started coming into its own in recent weeks. But it’s competing with Splitting Up Together for a renewal and the Jenna Fischer comedy is simply pulling better ratings.

Renewal Chances: 3/10

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Fear not, Speechless fans, it would be a major shock if this endearing sitcom didn’t make it back for another season. Easily the most underrated show on ABC’s comedy block and one of the more surprising bubble shows, Speechless should come back. Whether it’s a fall or midseason show is yet to be seen. Considering it’s not an in-house production, there’s a chance it gets a shortened series order. However, every network is trying to find high rated comedies and ABC isn’t going to let go of a consistent series at this point.

Renewal Chances: 9/10