Down to the wire: What bubble shows will get last minute renewals?

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Designated Survivor 

This presidential show is heading into series lows for ratings in the finale. ABC was hot on this Kiefer Sutherland drama and they still want to see it come back for one more term. Yet fans seem to be abandoning ship with each passing episode. Perhaps audience members are tired of seeing politics with the real-life version offering up enough drama to last a lifetime. It does earn a lot overseas which helps its renewal shot, but this is one of the bubble shows with a hard road ahead.

Renewal Chances: 4/10

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The Crossing 

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ABC tried their hand at a Lost-like genre show but The Crossing hasn’t garnered much enthusiasm among viewers. Lack of advertising could easily be the reason for the low ratings because it doesn’t seem like anyone knew the show had debuted. This isn’t the first time ABC has tried to kill a series by simply not promoting it. Kyra Sedgwick was pretty vocal about how unprofessional the network was with her drama, Ten Days in the Valley, an accusation which ABC never responded to. Fans of SHIELD are familiar with the network’s tactics as well and this is going to be one of those bubble shows which meets an unhappy ending.

Renewal Chances: 1/10

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 This is another show in the same boat as Designated Survivor. Lukewarm critical reception, sub par ratings, but strong overseas revenue has been the story for the past few years with this series. Quantico has a slightly better shot because it also does really well on Netflix, which helps ABC make more money. Is that going to be enough this year? Honestly, Quantico is a true tossup, and it will likely come down to whether there’s room on the schedule for another midseason debut. ABC probably won’t rule out a summer season as well, which might actually help the ratings.

Renewal Chances: 5/10