Down to the wire: What bubble shows will get last minute renewals?

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Criminal Minds 

Long-time fans of this procedural are used to this waiting period for news on Criminal Minds. It comes from an outside studio, and the contract negotiations are generally pretty ruthless. CBS is always desperate to cut costs and they will try to find any way possible. Even with Criminal Minds sinking ratings, the show is still a decent performer for the network. There’s almost no doubt it will get a season 14 to at least wrap things up, but not every cast member will return. Fans will remember the contentious decision CBS made a few years ago to jettison the female cast members to save money, and they will likely do the same. Damon Gupton got the short end of the stick for season 13, who could be on the chopping block this year.

Renewal Chances: 7/10

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Life in Pieces 

When CBS announced its renewals and Life in Pieces wasn’t one of them, almost everyone seemed pretty shocked. It’s one of the few bubble shows which really should have been guaranteed to come back. CBS hasn’t had success with comedies outside of The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon in recent years, and this is their only strong performer. With a winning cast, and a group of kids who haven’t gotten into any scandals, how was this not renewed? The only answer is, once again, money. CBS is notoriously stingy and Life in Pieces comes from an outside studio. Hopefully, a deal can be made but things definitely look bleaker.

Renewal Chances: 6/10