Down to the wire: What bubble shows will get last minute renewals?

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Talk about a show that just won’t quit! A terrible timeslot and barely any marketing seemed to seal the fate of this time-traveling drama. But fans are refusing to give up, and like last year another huge campaign has been mounted to save it. Once again, the series won USA Today’s Save our Show poll, flaunting the passion of fans. The Smithsonian even began reviewing each individual episode this year just to promote how educational this fun series has become. Deadline reports that NBC is once again negotiating with Sony to try to bring the series back for another trip in the Life Boat. #RenewTimeless has constantly been trending on Twitter, and the network can’t ignore one of their bubble shows with a huge online presence. Apparently, NBC is hoping to bring it back for another ten episodes with a more cost-effective budget.

Renewal Chances: 6/10

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The Blacklist 

Like TimelessThe Blacklist renewal will come down to negotiations between NBC and Sony. It’s not a rating hit like it used to be, but it’s still a strong performer for the network. Not to mention, the syndication and overseas deals make the network a fortune. As long as negotiations go well, fans should expect to see this show back for one more season.

Renewal Chances: 7/10

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Great News 

Honestly, if Great News snags a renewal, NBC viewers might boycott. The show has always done well with critics but the ratings have been awful. It doesn’t pull in syndication money, nor does it have the fan base like other bubble shows. There’s nothing working in this series’ future, and it will probably be bad news for this sitcom.

Renewal Chances: 1/10