Down to the wire: What bubble shows will get last minute renewals?

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NBC is hot on this show but audience members have not. Rise is basically Friday Night Lights but with theater kids. It uses the same shaky-cam, small-town setting, with an ensemble of broken kids which did not catch on with audiences. Every part of Friday Night Lights was unique, and those actors brought so much to those characters. The new Coach Taylor is now the director of the musical but he’s insufferable to watch. There isn’t even a lot of singing for a show supposedly about of the best musicals of this time. In fact, Rise spends more time focusing on the football team than the actual play. Sorry Rise fans, but this is no FNL and it couldn’t hold the numbers to be a This Is Us replacement. NBC might try to rework the show for a second season but with the ratings falling, it seems like a long shot.

Renewal Chances: 4/10

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The Brave

This military drama is extremely well-liked by executives within NBC but the ratings don’t warrant a renewal. There are so many shows like it the network could take a chance on next year. But almost all of the new procedurals had pretty soft debuts this year and NBC might recognize a shift away from that kind of story-telling. There wasn’t anything new or exhilarating about The Brave despite the impressive cast. It probably won’t be back, and the network will just order a different military pilot to try out again next year.
Renewal Chances: 3/10