The Handmaid’s Tale gets season 3 renewal!


The Handmaid’s Tale will return for a third season!

Season two of The Handmaid’s Tale is off to a frightening and thrilling start, so it comes as no surprise that Hulu has renewed the series for a third season. The critically acclaimed series has fans everywhere celebrating this news, and while it was expected, we are still ecstatic as can be.

The viewership numbers for season two have not been released, but Hulu did say they were nearly double than what they were for season one. Absolutely amazing, right? And of course, with eight Emmy awards under its belt, viewers are bound to tune in to witness the brutal reality of Gilead.

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Doubling the number of people watching the series is a huge feat and a testament to how amazing The Handmaid’s Tale is. The gripping narrative exploring a dystopian, totalitarian world has people shocked and engaged while they contemplate the world heading in that direction.

So what could we expect from season three? Well, that is hard to say considering we are still deep in the story of season two, but perhaps the takedown of Gilead? If it doesn’t happen this season that is.

Hulu also hasn’t confirmed which cast members will be returning for a third season. The show hasn’t shied away from showing the uglier side of this dystopian future and it’s safe to assume some characters won’t be back.

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Escaping Gilead definitely isn’t an easy task as we can see from June’s attempt to escape in season two. So how an entire community could escape is something we can’t even imagine at this point in time. Whatever the case may be, we can’t wait to see how season two will play out, and what season three will bring in the aftermath.

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