Bill Nye Saves the World season 3 recap and review

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Photo Credit: Netflix

Review: Bill Nye’s enthusiasm and curiosity are so contagious. Not that the material wasn’t fascinating and cool on its own, but having smart, passionate people present and discuss the material makes it that much more engaging. He knows how to engage an audience throughout Bill Nye Saves the World.

And his priorities are all in the right places. He encourages diversity in the scientific community, especially women who historically have struggled with equality in science.

He is passionate about climate change awareness and how it affects basically every aspect of life on Earth. He encourages the destigmatization of mental illness and addiction, which drastically hinders the help available to the people who need it most.

And while there were times in the past where he might have antagonized people of faith, he himself grew up religious and doesn’t see evolution as being incompatible with religion. He is inclusive. It’s part of what makes Bill Nye Saves the World so interesting to watch.

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There were honestly times when a topic I am passionate about was discussed and argued so eloquently that I got a little emotional. Specifically the panel of experts on addiction and on religion/evolution.

The idea that evolution and religion are just complimentary ways to view the world was such a beautiful idea to me. And overwhelming support for the treatment of drug addicts over incarceration – and from a police lieutenant as well! – was just wonderful to hear.